If you want to be removed from the list, leave me a comment.


Blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading:

*The Girl Next Door Grows Up


*Family Sanity Reviews


*Island Yarn Company -my favorite yarn store in the whole universe!  If you live near Waltham, MA and are a yarn lover, go visit!  And if you love hanging out with crazy edgy, fun-loving people, go on a Monday or Thursday evenings for knit night!


*Big Teeth & Clouds


*A belle, a bean, & a chicago dog


*Secret Mommy


*Purplume’s Blog


*Hummingbird Homemaking


*Kerri’s Klutter


*How To Be A Zen Mama Blog


*Computer Wiz  My son is learning all about computer crappity-crap.  Test his knowledge and ask him to show you how to do something on your computer.  He might be able to help.


*Kitties and such-my pre-teen niece’s blog.  She’s an aspiring celebrity, so there are lots of videos of her news show.


*The Snyder 5


*In Pursuit of Martha Points


*The Peanut Gallery…Exit Here


A Fly on the Wall


June Cleaver Nirvana


*History and Women -Book reviews of books I’m pretty sure I’d love. 


*11th Heaven’s Homemaking Haven


*Confessions of Gothic Homemaker -yummy vegan recipe site.


*Funky Mama Bird


*Life Music & Laughter


*Vegan Coach-tons of nutritional information and tips on vegan cooking.


Stay tuned ’cause ya never know when I might add your new favorite!




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