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The instinct to say “no”

 When my kids were younger, there came a point when I felt like I was always telling them “no” whenever they made a request.  After thinking it over, I came to realize that the reason was because I felt as … Continue reading

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The WeAtheR outside is FRIGHTful!

Just a few random thoughts on the SNOW: That’s a yardstick stuck into the snow on top of his car. If it keeps snowing like this, it should reach the top of the fence by Friday morning (according to my … Continue reading

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Raising an eyebrow…

So, I love Mr. Rogers.  There was a time when I thought I was too old for him (ages 8-18ish), and there was a time when I ignored him (ages 19-24ish). But he forgave me for all that 😉 . … Continue reading

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Brain dead

I may have mentioned before that I’m trying to study some of the textbooks before I start classes in January. I can feel my brain draining of creativity. Which is odd, considering that I thought my brains fell out when … Continue reading

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Halloween Curmudgeon

How did I become such a curmudgeon about Halloween? It’s probably because the kids won’t let me dress them up anymore.

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Standards for art? (re-run)

One more re-run from January: I only caught part of this interview on NPR, but anyway…this guy was saying that we can and should have standards for art (as it relates to getting funding for education).  I don’t think he explained … Continue reading

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Teenagers and Religion (re-run)

I might be posting a few re-runs for the next few days…just so you know.  Here’s one from January: Yesterday I was just checking out my son’s facebook wall and there was a discussion going on about what is the … Continue reading

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I approve of this message!

I think I’ve figured out a way to cope with the onslaught of political ads.  Every time I see an ad I think about constructing a “tutorial” on “How to Compose a Political Ad”.  It amuses my feeble mind.  And I think … Continue reading

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A Cheer for that Mom!

Have you seen this? I say “Good for that mom!”.  I am in no way an extremist about censorship, but I am so sick of people that think they can just keep bombarding children with inappropriate ideas…and then crying “censorship” when … Continue reading

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Food, INC.

Pretty good DVD…documentary about where your food comes from.  I would’ve liked to see more detail, but that’s because this is a subject matter that I’ve been interested in for a pretty long time, so I’ve heard a lot of it before.  But, it … Continue reading

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