Poor Lonely Old Blog!

When I was a kid, whenever we drove by the school during a school break, my mom would say, “Poooooor lonely old school!”

It’s probably not a self-fulfilling prophecy that my blogging is suffering due to schoolwork, is it?

They sure are working us hard.  I have a theory that they work us hard to see if we can endure it…because what other reason would there be for trying to pack so much information into someone’s brain in so little time?

My neck hurts again.  I should be doing better keeping up with the exercises and traction, I suppose.  But I think my brain is getting so full that the swelling is pressing on my neck.

I need a nap.

But it’s almost bedtime so I’ll just make it a really long nap.


See ya next time I can spare a few minutes.

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One Response to Poor Lonely Old Blog!

  1. purplume says:

    Best luck with school and all your endeavors. Take good care of you. XD

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