I’m going to call this all hypothetical.  You can decide for yourself if you really think it is hypothetical.

Oh, and fair warning…maybe you don’t really want to read this, particularly if you are of the male persuasion.

So, if you are a female and of the menstruating age AND you think that it is okay to flush tampons down the toilet, AND if it clogs the toilet of the house you rent, AND your landlord has to unclog the toilet and finds a tampon clogging it, AND he tells you not to put tampons down the toilet…

Don’t you think you might not put tampons down that toilet again???  Wouldn’t you be EXTREMELY embarassed to be calling him a second time only to have him find ANOTHER tampon clogging the toilet???  Wouldn’t you feel just a LITTLE bit stupid showing him the tampon box where it “only says not to flush the applicator”???  (‘Cause that seems like a pretty weak argument to me.  Aren’t there signs in every public restroom in America that say not to flush your tampons???  Is it that hard to generalize to a private toilet???).


And if you have a child who likes to put their toys in the toilet…ever hear of those locks you can put on the toilet???  Geez!

And if there is water ruining the floor of the bathroom and your landlord has specifically shown you how to close the shower curtain properly to avoid that problem, AND then you request a shower door because you can’t seem to understand how to close the shower curtain properly, AND he installs the door for you,  AND then he drives by the house a few months later only to see that very shower door out in the driveway going out with the trash…

wouldn’t you be just a little embarrassed to be calling the landlord to tell him that there is water leaking into the basement???  (From the shower).

Would it be justified of the landlord to issue a warning that if he finds another tampon in the dregs of the toilet that you will be facing eviction???

I’m just saying…

Why is it that you never hear about the good landlords who have to put up with shitty tenants???

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3 Responses to Question…

  1. purplume says:

    You don’t hear of them do you? I think it’s a rare person who treats a rental like they would their own home.

  2. Amanda says:

    Hypothetical or not, that’s a pretty ridiculous situation. I thought the entire world knew that flushing tampons was a no-no! The victim of this hypothetical situation hypothetically has my sympathies for putting up with all that!

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