The WeAtheR outside is FRIGHTful!

Just a few random thoughts on the SNOW:

That’s a yardstick stuck into the snow on top of his car.

If it keeps snowing like this, it should reach the top of the fence by Friday morning (according to my estimates).

Wasn’t it summer two weeks ago?

Hope I can get a video of the dogs playing in it.  They look like cartoon characters with the powdery snow flying up when they are running and wrestling.  And they eat the snow like they are a crocodiles snapping at their prey.  They are so funny, it almost makes me love the snow. 

I said almost.

My spouse went off the road yesterday.  Very scary.  I still haven’t figured out why the school system thinks it’s okay for teachers to risk life and limb to come to school.  At least this year, the new superintendent of DH’s school seems to recognize the absurdity of making the teachers come in when school is cancelled for the kids.

One hour delay for the kids on Monday.  Two hour delays yesterday and today.  They have a half day Friday.  Life is tough.

Somebody must be antipating a really bad winter, because they seem to be holding out on the full snow days…what other reason could there be?

If anyone is interested in toning their thighs, I recommend putting on some snow pants and wading through knee-deep snow.  Seriously.  But plan your route, ’cause you’ll get tired sooner than you think, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck in a drift.  When you fall down, the drift quickly becomes neck-deep 😉 .

I sure wish I had a fireplace so that I could say “but the fire is so delightful”.  I guess I’ll just have to be content with the lights from the Christmas tree.

“And since we’ve no place to go…”  I wish!  Apparently the tires on the van had to rebel, so there’s that to be taken care of.

I think my spouse secretly enjoys this madness.  He sure has spent a lot of time out there.  (My personal opinion is that he’s out there more than is absolutely necessary…but I won’t complain, as long as he doesn’t feel the need to drag me out there).

Hunker down.  Get out the hot chocolate.  It’s winter.  And it feels like it might be time to watch Groundhog Day already.

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One Response to The WeAtheR outside is FRIGHTful!

  1. purplume says:

    ooh I love groundhog day. and hot chocolate. I often think when I walk at the beach, if I walk in deeper water it is a better workout. We even have snow here in Hawaii, on the top of Mauna Kea. And it is cooler which I love. Happy winter.

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