Homework is a waste of time!

I’m not sure where my kids got the idea that studying and homework are two different things, exlusive of eachother, but going by that definition, then, yes, I would have to concur that homework is indeed a waste of time. 

…especially considering the way in which my kids do their “homework” which consists of copying something from one piece of paper onto another piece of paper with no absorption of the material. 

Most of the homework seems to be counted for 10-15% of the grade, while quizzes tend to count for 25-35% of the grade, and tests for 45-50% of the grade.

So yeah, if you had to choose between “studying” and “homework”, you would probably achieve a better grade by not doing your “homework”.

My 15-year old thinks that he should tell his teacher that I told him not to do his homework.

At which point, I say to him, “Fat Chance!  But nice try!”

Actually I think I only said that in my head.

I think the actual words that came out of my mouth were, “but you could try absorbing some of the ‘homework’ material which might cut down on ‘study’ time”.

Ha!  He thought he was getting away with something there.

But on the note of homework being a waste of time…there actually is homework that comes home occasionally that I really do think is a waste of time.  And these assignments are called word searches.  Particularly wasteful: the foreign language word searches.  I know for a fact that I am not the first or only parent that has done the word searches for my kids just because it was such a waste of their precious study time.  If you don’t believe it’s true, go try one, and get back to me on the value of that activity.  I might be willing to concede that word searches could be a useful activity if it were assigned as an activity to increase a person’s scanning ability, but even there I would be pretty hard to convince.  (End of rant).

So, anyway…geez kid, just accept the fact that studying is homework and we wouldn’t have to have this stupid conversation.

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2 Responses to Homework is a waste of time!

  1. Monex says:

    Seems like bs to me..some nonsense to waste time or maybe its a easy homework to give using computer word search makers when the teacher has no real homework or lesson ready….so Im looking for the last words that were driving her crazy my other daughter says that is cheating ..this was purposely made to take lots of time….still my question is..what is the educational benefit ? You want my honest answer?….The teacher is probably required to give homework but he she doesnt know how to provide homework that is actually relevant to the material. Well in your daughters case to show her that there is more than one kind of intelligence.

    • tragical40 says:

      Who is the one who is really cheating in that instance? Seems like the teacher may be cheating the child out of meaningful education and cheating the parent out of time that could be spent on more useful tasks.

      More than one kind of intelligence…that reminds me of one of my favorite jokes…(best told with a redneck lilt):
      There’s three kinds of people in the world. Them’s that can count and them’s that can’t.

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