Misc. Mind Vomit

Why does Charlie Brown fall down when Lucy pulls the football away?  And how many years has Charles Schulz gotten away with that?  Has anyone ever asked before?  Are we supposed to think that he is kicking with such force that he actually flips himself over?  Remember when you were a kid and you actually believed you could swing high enough to go over the top of the swing set?


Three times a day…

eat your vegetables and turn down your damn stereo!


Did you ever notice that there is only a one letter difference between sticks and stinks?  It kind of makes a difference if you are writing a menu.  Fish sticks…or…fish stinks.  Personally, I think fish stinks, but it would be odd for a menu to point that out.


Holy Crap!  May I just bore you with a quote from one of my textbooks?  (I promise to try to refrain from doing that too often).

“…50% of women and 64% of men who die of heart attack had no previous symptoms or warning signs on record.” (A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, Werner, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins).

That was published in 2009, so that’s not some outdated number!

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3 Responses to Misc. Mind Vomit

  1. Dan says:

    Of course, they may have had symptoms or warnings signs, but the just didn’t get them “on record.” And of course, we’ll never know because you can’t exactly ask them after they die! Well, actually you can ask them, but they won’t tell you.

    • tragical40 says:

      Yep, thought of that, but don’t you find that alarming too, that humans have such a propensity to ignore such things? You could die suddenly, just because you chose to think that the numbness in your arm was due to sleeping funny.

  2. purplume says:

    Very interesting, I prefer it to the other kind of vomit.

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