My apologies…

After the last post, my dad asked me if my spouse knows what I post about him on this blog. 

“He (my spouse) doesn’t typically read it…so, no.  Why?”.

See how innocent I am? 

My parents wondered if he would be embarassed about the mentioning of his habits regarding the wearing of his birthday suit.

I had to laugh when the question was posed to me. 

He doesn’t ever seem to be embarassed by that stuff.

But I double checked this evening anyway. 

He wasn’t offended.

But anyway,  I’m offering up this tribute to him (“Hey Casey, can you play this song for my hubby?” LOL)… in honor of his bad-ass self. 

(You’ll have to follow the link, ’cause I’m having trouble embedding the video).  BTW, the video is racy, so don’t watch it if you’re offended by that kind of stuff…maybe you can just listen.

I love this song and I thought it was fitting that today was the first time that I’d heard it in a while.  Perfect for my humble apology if he happens to be secretly offended.

Of course, he (my spouse) won’t see it unless someone tells him.  It might be too much for him, if I ask him to read posts two days in a row 😉 .

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One Response to My apologies…

  1. purplume says:

    My husband doesn’t get embarrassed about things or posts either. It is one of my favorite qualities in a man – they don’t sweat the small stuff or get hung up on image.

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