Disturbing images (well, not really)

This is a drawing out of one of my Massage Therapy books:

I’m not sure what anyone else sees when they look at this drawing, but I just thought it looked a little disturbing.  I really thought that the bottom of the drawing was supposed to be the legs of the client.  So I was thinking… “that’s a little warped that a drawing in a text of this nature is purposely omitting the genitalia as if the student/reader might be offended by it.  Not to mention that the jagged edges emit images of some horrible atrocity being played out on the client”.

Then I realized that I was seeing the picture upside down.

Even after I turned the book upside down, I had trouble realizing that the drawing wasn’t missing a head…those jagged edges are supposed to be the client’s hair!

Feel free to call me dumb ass.

Unless you saw the same thing I did.

Do you think that means I have a warped mind?

Well, maybe the next picture will be the deciding factor. 


The next picture is also from a massage therapy textbook.  (I’m gonna get sued, I just know it).

You tell me.

I laughed my ass off when I saw that the naked guy was wearing a hat.

I guess he just couldn’t commit to FULL nudity.

(There’s a side image of him too, but I didn’t want to embarass the guy by revealing his face.  You’ll just have to go find the book and buy it for yourself, if you really have to see it).

Oh, BTW, I just had to label the crazy guy’s hat…everything else was labeled.  We can’t leave that business unfinished, now can we?

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4 Responses to Disturbing images (well, not really)

  1. felicia says:

    funniest post going. and if your mind is warped, mine is similarly so (what a surprise, eh). i could not figure out what the heck i was looking at but none of it seemed appropriate!

  2. purplume says:

    I too thought like you did about the first picture. In the second, I couldn’t get my eyes off those red spots on the arms.

    • tragical40 says:

      That’s funny! I didn’t really even realize that the red arms also might look a little disturbing…since I that was what I was supposed to be focused on…it certainly does look a little warped now that I’m looking at it in a non-studying mode!

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