Being Childish

I know.  I know.  It’s quite childish. 

But I get a kind of sick little satisfaction out of writing things in my textbooks.  Such as…

… “this book sucks!”


… “redundant”

I wrote that in light yellow highlighter on every page of one of the chapters in one of my books.  Get it?  I was being redundant.  Snort, chuckle, guffaw…c’mon…you know it’s a little bit funny.

Okay, don’t laugh then.  Your loss.

I guess it wasn’t that bold of me to use a highlighter.

Now I can’t even find where I wrote it.

Maybe it was a dream.  Oh to be so bold!

I sure hope it wasn’t in one of the library books I borrowed.  oops

I wonder what the highschool kids do since they don’t own the books.

I’m thinking we could relieve a lot of teenage angst if we let them write that kind of stuff in the books.

(I’m just kidding.  Please don’t email me nasty notes about how high your school taxes are already, without having to replace graffiti-covered books every year).

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