Give it a REST!

Does the postal service deliver ANYthing of value anymore?

Today we received seven pieces of mail:

  • an unsolicited coupon flyer of which I have no idea how to get them to stop sending them…it apparently doesn’t fall under the other junk mail categories (that you can get stopped).
  • a pamphlet from the postal service informing us about the signs of fraud.  Thank you for this public service announcement.  I’m sure you had our best interests at heart when you sent it out.
  • Four, count ’em, four political brochures.  You probably know my feelings about these if you read my recent post: I approve of this message.  We could wallpaper a room with all the brochures we’ve received in the last two weeks.  I bet that’s not an easy list to get off of!  Too bad we don’t still have puppies around…no, scratch that thought…the brochures are as slippery as the politicians!  (The politicians still manage to absorb sh**, though.  Go figure.).
  • a WIRED magazine that my son has a subscription to…complete with advertisements for GQ.  It’s so sweet of GQ to educate my son about the female body without him even having to subscribe…don’t you think?  Ah, but GQ needn’t have bothered this time, because WIRED did it for them.  The entire front cover is a picture of the middle of a woman’s nude breasts.  REALLY???!  Using sex to sell a “technology” magazine???!  Good grief!  Don’t you just get so sick of it?  When did it become okay to be bombarded with sexual topics every second of every day?!  No wonder the kids think they should be doing it at such young ages! 

I’m starting to feel a little redundant griping about the WIRED/GQ magazine.   Yep, I did indeed post about it before!

AND…I still haven’t received the one piece of mail that I requested/ordered 18 days ago!

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