Mind Vomit

Huh!  I never knew a pimiento was round.  I always thought what was stuffed in an olive was a slice of a pimiento.  (Which I assumed to look like other peppers…bell peppers or jalapenos perhaps).

Riveting.  I know.


The following picture is totally shocking to me:


 Seriously, she is the world’s most anti-social cat!  I guess she is turning over a new leaf!  (Or is going blind!  “Santana! Dude! You’re sitting on the dog!”).


Why do stores insist on putting shoelaces in this way?  Does anyone ever keep them like that?  Maybe I’m just a big baby, but the laces don’t tighten or loosen properly if they go down through the holes instead of up.  Tell me I’m wrong here.

I have enough ways to waste time without spending 10 minutes rearranging the laces on my new shoes.


I wonder if my kids feel neglected because ever since I started blogging, I now have a camera full of really stupid pictures instead of pictures of them.

But now I have more room in my head to store pictures of my wonderful kids.  Right?  (How does that rate on the sap scale?


Oh yeah, and don’t forget about Make It Happen Mondays.  I’m not linking it today…but you can go to my sidebar to connect to the site.

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