Crockpot Bread! (re-run)

A re-run from February…I’ve been thinking about it again since winter’s a comin’.  Warm bread…yum.  Need I say more!

Yeasted bread in the crockpot!  Didn’t know it could be done!  Looked it up in some cookbooks and on the web.  All the sources said you should use a trivet and put it in some kind of pot.  I did do that for the first loaf.  It turned out fine, but didn’t look all that brown.  I couldn’t really see why it couldn’t be done without the trivet or pot.  Someone on the web cooked bread in a rice cooker, so why not directly in a crockpot?  I decided to try it. 

I don’t know if it would work in the old kind of crockpot.  I got a new crockpot from my MIL for christmas and I absolutely love it.  It’s nonstick with a retractable cord and a timer (the best feature ever!):

I did oil the sides and bottom of the crock, but it probably was only necessary to do the bottom.  I made sure to leave plenty of room around the sides of the loaf.  I set it for 2 and 1/2 hours on high.   I used a pretty standard bread recipe.  The only thing is, if you decide to try this, you might think the bottom is a little too thick and a little bit tough to cut through.  (It wasn’t that bad though).  If you really don’t like that, it seemed like the trivet and pot solved that issue.  If you use the trivet and pot you might cook for 3 hours. 

You could put this in at night and if you have an automatic shutoff (or automatic warming), you could have fresh bread at breakfast!  Just think of that! 

This is how the second loaf turned out:

Beautiful and delicious! 

I am so excited that it’s possible to have fresh warm bread first thing in the morning.

P.S.  Would it be a bad thing to tell you that my son made the third and fourth loaf?  I told him he had to do it.  I think if you love homemade bread the way he does, you gotta learn!  And besides, pounding some dough can help with teenage angst, can’t it?  (And all kinds of angst, come to think of it!)

And just because I don’t want to ruin this glorious moment of triumph in the kitchen, I will not give you the food war low down.  That one would be with the experts, not the family.  Maybe some other day, when I’m already having a rotten day.

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One Response to Crockpot Bread! (re-run)

  1. purplume says:

    Now this is a recipe I can get behind. I love this. Warm bread in the morning = heaven.

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