A Good Deed

I was probably due.

It’s been quite a while since I ran into traffic on my drive to Boston. 

Traffic was backed up for over an hour about an exit before Sturbridge. 

And then: I was 2 miles from my exit.  I figured I could pass on the rest stop. 

Big mistake.

The traffic at the exit was backed up for an hour.

I swear I was sorely tempted to jump out of my car and let the world have the view, ’cause I really had to go!  But I guess years of retentive practice made it possible to refrain from mooning the traffic.

Which is probably a good thing, considering what went on at the tollbooth.

The traffic was so backed up that the toll lanes were just a big mash of incomprehensible-ness. 

So I got in what I thought was the Fast Lane. 

As I drew within about 7 car lengths of the booth, I realized that I was not in the Fast Lane.  I tried to get over, but there are some pretty snotty people out there and they wouldn’t let me get over.  (I don’t get that…it’s not as if I just cruised on up there from way in the back…I had been waiting just as long).

Anyway, in Mass, you can’t use your pass in just any lane.  They don’t have a camera in every lane.

So the toll taker was looking at me for the toll.  I only had a dollar in my purse and they don’t take credit cards.

He said I had to fill out a form and they would send me a bill.

As I was filling out the form, the woman behind me got out of her car and came up and PAID the toll for me! ***


So, I wonder how I can thank her.  I wrote her license and car make down while we were lingering in the jam beyond the tollbooth.  (I feel a little bit like a stalker). 

It may be one of those pay-it-forward kind of instances.

Too bad that it’ll all probably be a waste, because since they didn’t have any record of where I exited, I will probably get billed for the entire length of the turnpike.

Oh well.  Like I said, I was probably due.

And at least I didn’t pee my pants!

***(I’m guessing she probably wouldn’t have done that if I’d mooned her).

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4 Responses to A Good Deed

  1. Ruth LeBlanc says:

    That is quite an experience! As if there isn’t enough stress on the roads…. You handled it well, pay it forward.

  2. purplume says:

    hoho ho I love this story. I am often driving thinking I can make it home.
    How uplifting to hear of that lady. She probably would have lat you over to the other lane.

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