Standards for art? (re-run)

One more re-run from January:

I only caught part of this interview on NPR, but anyway…this guy was saying that we can and should have standards for art (as it relates to getting funding for education).  I don’t think he explained why he thinks this…but maybe that was in the part of the interview that I missed.

This just doesn’t make any sense to me?  How can we have standards for art?  Who is going to be the one to decide what the standards are?  Seriously, dude, wake up and smell the tempura paint!  If someone gets to have that job…can I apply for it?  Because I think it’s ridiculous that some people make a buttload of money painting “pictures” that a monkey could paint (and some monkeys do!).  But ya see…that’s just MY opinion…how could you justify that opinion as a standard and decide that it’s not artwork, and therefore not eligible for funding?  Just because I don’t think it’s art doesn’t mean that it isn’t art to someone!  Art is something different for everyone and if you try to standardize it, you’re going to have a whole lot of enraged people on your case!

Don’t take this to mean that I’m not in support of funding for art in education.  I think it’s important and I certainly don’t have the answer about how to determine what gets funded or not.  I just thought this guy was being a TAD unrealistic.

What do you think?

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5 Responses to Standards for art? (re-run)

  1. Ruth LeBlanc says:

    I’ve smelled (sniffed?) far too much tempera paint to have an opinion on this. Anyway, the fine arts doesn’t need a standard, that’s what advertising agencies are for. Standards for the marketing arts is what we need!!

  2. purplume says:

    Yeah how many great artists would have failed the standards?

  3. Holly says:

    Sounds like a terrible idea. Who’s going to set the standards? Art is so subjective.

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