The Great Purge is Over

…for now.

We couldn’t even make it to the sale without bringing in more stuff! 

I found a rocking chair that is very short.  I’m only 5’0″ (5′ and 3/4″ according to the gynecologist), so finding a chair that fits me perfectly is AWESOME!  And only $5!  But now I have to find a place for it, which probably means getting rid of a chair (it’s the never-ending story, I swear). 

BUT, my DH just had to buy juggling balls from the people selling their wares in the next booth.  He better have a really good juggling act planned, ’cause he already has no less than 20 juggling balls!  (Whereas I don’t have a chair that is right for my height, so… ha!). 

WAIT…he also just had to pick up a couple of softballs that he found at the park yesterday.  He swore that they were for his sister.  Mmm-hmm.

So, now that I’m done griping…

and justifying…

We took three jam-packed cars to the flea market at 5:30 in the morning.  We had a garage sale spot reserved.  Even though my husband seemed disappointed that we didn’t make as much as people always brag about, I’m sure it was way better than we would have done at our own house. 

So many people came through!  I just can’t believe how many people get up at the crack of dawn to go to the flea market and try to catch a bargain for a quarter!

But the important thing is…it’s out of my house now.  And even though I had vowed 10 years ago never to do a garage sale again (see how I lied?), I do have to point out the benefit.  Knowing that we were actually going to do something specific with all that stuff made it easier to do the sorting out.  Generally, sorting without a goal just leads to shuffling things from one room to another.  Which is what has been going on for 10 years.

I’m thinking I better set aside space now for the next purge.

Because I would be deluded to believe that we could refrain…


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    3 Responses to The Great Purge is Over

    1. Ruth LeBlanc says:

      Congrats Jb, sounds like you had a very successful day at the flea market! I love flea markets, and try to stay away from them. Other people’s stuff is so much more appealing than my own.

    2. purplume says:

      I love that feeling of clearing stuff out. Making money on it is a plus.

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