Send Positive Thoughts Please

My SIL’s sweet dog (K) was diagnosed with cancer this week.  Today they are going to go for screening and whatever else.  SIL has to decide whether to get chemo for her.  She had thought right away to do it, because they only give K a month.  But she has been trying to learn as much as possible, and now she is confused about what to do.  Apparently the chemo could cause K to have liver failure.  SIL doesn’t want K to suffer through those last months.  So she has to try to figure out if the chemo is going to help enough to make it worth it.

I sure hope those vets can get the $ signs out of their brain long enough to give her some honest help.  I’ve yet to meet a vet that I trust.

So, anyway, send your positive thoughts and prayers her way.  K is like her baby…and if you have a pet, you know what I’m talking about.

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2 Responses to Send Positive Thoughts Please

  1. purplume says:

    sending prayers for all of you.

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