A Cheer for that Mom!

Have you seen this?


I say “Good for that mom!”.  I am in no way an extremist about censorship, but I am so sick of people that think they can just keep bombarding children with inappropriate ideas…and then crying “censorship” when the parents complain and want to shield their children from it!  Children should have the right to not be bombarded with inappropriate material, and parents should have the right to protect their children from it as much as they can.

And shame on these cheer squads that introduce cheers that are not fitting for anyone under the procreation age!  What are they thinking???  Don’t they have any idea what that looks like???

Again, I’m not an extremist about this.  I’m not one of those people who are against sex education in school.  I think a child should be taught how the human body works…but they certainly shouldn’t be taught how to act like little skanks (please forgive…couldn’t think of a less offensive word that still makes the point).

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