I can push papers with the best of them!

You’d think that, being a homemaker, the only paper pushing I would have to do is flipping the pages of a cookbook.  And that’s where you would be wrong.

It’s the beginning of the school year here.  And with it comes a mountain of papers to read or fill out.  I thought the amount of paper coming home would decrease as the kids moved into the higher grades.  Now, I’m thinking I might have been delusional.  I can’t imagine how many trees we’ve killed just during the first day of school!

In addition to the bus cards and emergency contact forms that had to be filled out, pretty much every teacher gives out at least two other sheets of paper…that they want the students and the parents to read and sign.  This has got to be more reading than I do for the entire year!  Let’s see:

2 kids x 9 classes= 18 classes x 2 sheets of paper= 36 sheets of paper + 2 forms for each kid for contact information= a minimum of 40 sheets of paper to deal with on the first day of school.

And for my part in the tree killing…I ask the kids to photocopy the information sheets that the teachers have us sign.  They don’t want to photocopy them.  “Why should we do that?  We’re keeping them in our folders, anyway!”  Because, dear son, it’s handy, when you are not home, for me to have a reference to the information that says “No, you cannot re-take tests”, so that I don’t go bothering your poor over-worked teachers with such a question.  Yeesh!

Well, at least one of the teachers seems concerned about the wastage of paper.  She did not give the kids a printed copy of the agenda.  She posted it on her website.  My son still had me print it out, so that doesn’t solve any tree-killing issues…but hey, at least it might save the school some money.

AND today, while the kids enjoyed their second day of school, I thought it might be a good idea to clean my desk.  In my many piles of crap, I found the folder for our flex plan that says we still have $325 left to get reimbursed for.  So, I sat down and sorted through that mass of papers and filled them all out, so that we could have that money for paying the school tax bill.  (Does anyone else feel that’s a little ironic?  No?  Well, me neither.). 

I also scanned all freakin’ 43 sheets of paper (related to the flex plan), because of my recent (HA!) interaction with some high quality postal service.  You can read about that HERE .  But at least I only scanned those papers!  I didn’t waste 43 more sheets of paper by photocopying them!  I think I deserve a little pat on the back for that…and for all the stupid paper pushing I had to do today!  Do you think I could put that on my resume? 

Job Experience:  11 years of Part-time Paper Pushing

Maybe added in with all my other job experience?  I’ll get back to you on that.  I’ll photocopy my report and send it out to you as soon as I finish my current job.

BTW, those are only two of the paper pushing tasks that I complete, so don’t go thinking that I meant it when I said “part-time”.  Someday, I’ll be sure to annoy you with another post about it.  I bet your sorry now!

But right now, I think I need to go eat some chocolate!

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