She just laid there!

She just laid there as she listened to the retching sound being made above her body.

She just laid there as the vomit fell onto her stomach.

She just laid there after the deed was done.

Above and beyond the call of duty of a mother.

Why didn’t she move when she heard the retching sound?

Why, Sunny?  Why?

There was a multitude of time to move.

Time enough for me to say out loud, “Aack, Houdini, don’t yack on Sunny!”

Granted, there may be a little screw loose in Houdini’s brain for not having the sense to move.

After all, the standard place for a pet to vomit is on my pillow.

So, thank you, Houdini, for not puking on my pillow.

But Sunny, I’m quite worried about your sanity.

Did you recently receive a labotomy?

Sunny, Sunny, Sunny…


For those of you who don’t know…Sunny and Houdini are my dogs…
and your welcome…that I didn’t include pictures with this post.


Hey Grammar Hounds…should I have used the word lay instead of laid?  I thought it sounded better with laid, but it doesn’t seem grammatically correct.  (Is that how you even spell “grammatically”?).  Frankly, I don’t really care, but I knew there would be at least one person out there who would notice…so phooey on youey, ’cause I was plenty aware that it might not be right!

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