What’s the goal?

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this church in Florida that is planning to burn the Koran on September 11th.

This kind of blows my mind!  Frankly, if these were the kind of people representing my religious beliefs, I think I’d be doing some really heavy soul-searching! 

Aren’t these the same people that preach about God’s love? 

Aren’t these the same people that ask “What Would Jesus Do?”?

Because, I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t approve of burning something that is sacred to someone else and deliberately instigating more anger and violence.

What is their goal?

What kind of reaction would they have if people were planning to burn the bible?

They need to get a grip on reality and realize what repercussions there will be to such an act.  They are only perpetuating the cycle of extremist behavior.

Good Grief!

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5 Responses to What’s the goal?

  1. Shirley Myers says:

    Hi Jb,
    Please don’t make the mistake of lumping all who say they preach God’s love together in one batch. There are many more of us who abhor what this man and his small congregation are doing than those who favor it and think he’s right. Most of us who preach God’s love believe it, and want to spread it in ways that help and heal, not destroy others and their property and provoke hatred.

  2. Shirley Myers says:

    Look at this news…http://www.gnn.com/article/heartsong-church-and-memphis-islamic/1262841 …Made me feel so great after all that other baloney that’s been going on.

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