Biking Guest

This is Eduardo:


 He’s from Switzerland.

And yes, that is a long way to bike!

He’s been on a bike trip for 2 years!

He’s done a long sailing trip too, although I’m a little unclear whether that was before the 2 years or during the 2 years.  At one point he mentioned being away from home for 10 times 80 days (…ya know “around the world in 80 days”)…so you do the math.

Maybe you could find out from his blog…HERE …but only if you can read Italian.  Did I mention he can fluently speak 5 languages?  Let’s see if I can remember them correctly…

English (HA! I know I got that one right!)




…and some mixed language which I think he called Romanish???  (I just googled that BTW…just a little cheating doesn’t hurt, does it?)

The guy pretty much confirmed in my mind that people from that area of the world are some of the happiest people on earth…’cause he smiled a lot!  See how he even smiled for the picture!

He and DH rode their bikes over to the Erie Canal Sim’s Store/Museum and I met them over there.  We took a little tour boat ride about a mile or two down the canal.  I hope he enjoyed it.  He seemed interested…he’s stopping into the other museum downtown today on his way out.  (I wonder if he might be sick of the tourist thing by now.  It’s got to be tiring after awhile.).

We went to a cheap pizza buffet place.  I can’t imagine who planted that idea in his head but I think his name my rhyme with my husband’s.  Eduardo insisted on paying for us!  Thanks!  I hope that doesn’t deplete his getting home budget!

I hope he didn’t feel too pestered by all of our many questions about his life, his trip, his country and who knows what other blah, blah, blah!

I always love hosting bicyclists! They are just the most interesting people!

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