Slightly insulting signs

Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that read something to the effect of “I love my kid even if he’s not an honor student”.  (I’m sure it was phrased more cleverly, forgive my brain).  I thought it was quite amusing.  A little snide, but just the thing you feel sometimes when you see the bumper stickers bragging about their kids’ honor status.

Don’t get me wrong…I certainly think it’s great for a child to have a parent that brags about them.  But isn’t it even better to have a parent who loves their child without that kind of requirement.  There are times in every child’s life when there may seem like there is nothing that the parent would want to brag about.  But we love them regardless. 

So…I like the bumper sticker I saw yesterday better.

Also, I keep seeing this sign on a road that I drive on frequently:  “please slow down, we love our children”.

While I’ve often thought of putting such a sign our front lawn, I’ve always thought better of it.  It seems to invite target practice on the very children that the sign is trying to protect. 

Because…the sign seems to say a lot more than what is printed.


 “…and you don’t love your children” 


“we love our children more than you love children”


“hey, little kids, your parents must not love you, because they didn’t put one of these signs on their road”

Is is just me?  Or is a sign like that just a tad bit insulting?

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2 Responses to Slightly insulting signs

  1. I think it’s a nicer sign than the one I’d like to put up: Slow down because if you hit my kid it will be the last thing your car ever hits.

    That’s a lot for one sign. At least they’d have to slow down to read it.

  2. liz says:

    i feel like adding, “we love our children by not ourselves.” shouldn’t drivers go slow for EVERYONE’S safety???

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