Snail Mail at it’s finest!

August 27, 2010:  The post office returned a piece of mail to me.

The original date stamped on it by the post office:  Aug 29, 2009.

It appears there are five other dates on the envelope from throughout the year.  And it says postage due 78 cents.

I’m pretty sure that if I weighed that envelope today it would still weigh less than an ounce (despite all the dirt it has probably collected on it’s journey).  So, I’m kind of wondering what the 78 cents is for.

The addresses are still correct.

Are they trying to charge me for the service?  Because this envelope certainly appears to have been handled by a lot of employees.  And of course, they all need to be paid.

Even if the amount of postage I put on it was incorrect, why did it take almost a year for it to make it’s way back to me?

Where was it all this time?

I’m not upset about it because luckily it wasn’t important.  In fact, I find it pretty amusing.  Mostly I am just really curious how it was that nobody in the post office thought the dates on this envelope were a bit off.  I’m thinking it would have been smarter for them not to deliver it back to me after so long.  I would have never known.

It’s just so bizarre.  That’s all.

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