Conspiracy Theory #4,351,212

I’m a little deaf. 

Just enough to make me turn the TV up (apparently) too loud.

And use the captions on the TV whenever I can.

Last night we were casually watching Obama’s speech.

I was using the captions.

But apparently you have to speak some sort of new language that is a combination of (I’m guessing) Spanish, French, German, with a word or two of English thrown in for good measure.

I’m thinking it’s a conspiracy to make sure no half-deaf people can read Obama’s speech without being distracted by the gibberish being printed on the screen below his face.

I mean think about it…don’t they usually have these speeches already set up for captioning before it is aired?

But the real question is why?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

All I know is that I probably missed a good third of the content because I got distracted trying to read the gibberish out loud to my 15-year old son…who was egging me on with his laughter.

Maybe it’s an effort to weed out the ADD and ADHD crowd from having any political involvement.

So there’s my theory.

But I’m not sticking to it.

P.S.    I’m just kidding so please don’t mail me your angry letters about my comments regarding the captioning service, k?

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