Another “Stupid Tax” Recipient!

Dear Yahoo,

Why did you change the format of my emails.  I was perfectly happy the with the way they were!  Now I have to listen to my son chant “I told you so” every day until I dump your arses!  Because





Why the hell won’t you let me use my address book?

You have just joined the ranks of Epson, AKA “The Ink A$$holes”…

(tied with you for #2)…


Greyhound, AKA “The Abandon a Minor in a Bus Station A$$holes”!

(holding the #1 position and probably will be for a long time!).


I’m sure I won’t be hearing back from you, because you probably haven’t even figured out how to use your own address book!  Good luck with that!


A Self-Appointed Member of The Committee for Fair Distribution of “The Stupid Tax”  (CFDST)

P.S.  If I had the time I would go locate the Stupid Tax, but instead I have to go figure out how to use the new stupid format transfer all my info and close the damn account!  I’ll have to leave it with the concierge for you at “In Pursuit of Martha Points”.  I hope you don’t have trouble finding it!

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