"Scenic" Overlook

In whose warped mind can these words:
"Scenic" Overlook

"Scenic" Overlook

 possibly represent this:




The Big Fat Liars!

The Big Fat Liars!

Dear Curtis/Palmer Hydroelectric Company:

Thank you so much for duping my husband and I into walking down this trail to view this scene.  I’m not exactly sure why you would want any of the public to take a gander at this eyesore, but I guess that’s your business. 

Might I suggest, from purely a public relations standpoint that you might want to make a couple of changes to this project. 

First, make a new sign that omits the word “overlook”.  Replace it with the word “trail”, because the trail actually wasn’t too bad (except the powerlines, but let’s concentrate on other things first). 

Next, grow trees in front of this overlook…just eliminate the overlook idea.  Take out the guard rail. 

Last, do whatever you can to direct people to take the trail to the right, thus avoiding the “scenic” overlook.  A little arrow perhaps.

I’m just sayin’.


An irked member of the public

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One Response to "Scenic" Overlook

  1. Purplume says:

    ha ha ha, you are way cool. I love your perspective.

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