Potluck and Make It Happen Mondays

Just a little potluck today!

***HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY MOM AND DAD!  (I think this is number 48, but don’t quote me on that, ’cause I can barely keep track of what day it is today!).


***I’ve noticed that my husband won’t say the word “yoga” when it is something that he is doing.  He calls it “stretching.”


***Finally, the library noticed that there are problems with one of the local branches!  I can’t tell you the number of times that we have returned items to that particular branch and then have them try to charge us for not returning it.  H-ha!  Vindicated!  At last!


***I’m pretty sure the only thing holding up that gladiola is the spider web!

Spider web support!

A close up:

A spider that was glad to help!
A spider that was glad to help!


***Another simple solution that took years to be realized:


The dust pan doesn’t clip onto the broom so I would set it down in one room, sweep several rooms, and then have to travel back in time to remember where I set down the dang dustpan, by which time the dogs had walked through the dust pile!

The solution:

Cut the end of the dustpan...DUH!
Cut the handle end of the dustpan…DUH!



***Been doing major cleaning, sorting and purging the last few days.  Today, in one of the drawers, I found a remote to the car that we had completely forgotten existed.  It has a button that honks the car (like an alarm).  I received great amusement with my long lost toy…that no one else knew I had found. 

My son was outside, so I honked the horn from inside the house. 

He looked at the car funny and walked toward it. 

I honked it again. 

Then he starts yelling to his dad (in the garage at the back of the house) that the car is honking.  

The horn is off at this point, so my husband says, “our car doesn’t honk on it’s own”. 

But he starts walking towards the car.  He gets in and I honk the horn. 

He sends my son into the house to get the keys so he can try to figure out why the horn was honking. 

I stick my head out the door and say, “what are you guys doing out there?”. 

When they responded they were trying to figure out why the car is acting weird, I say to them, “could it be because I just found this?”, as I hold up the remote.  


Sometimes I crack myself up.  (And at those times, it doesn’t even matter that no one else thinks this is so damn funny!)  


I miss “June Cleaver Nirvana” with her Potluck, but she said we could start our own anytime.  So here’s mine.  Hope she comes to visit!    


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    3 Responses to Potluck and Make It Happen Mondays

    1. Texasholly says:

      How funny about the car. AND I would have totally used the dustpan for another 3 years before figuring that GENIUS out! hahaha. Thanks for potluckin’

    2. Purplume says:

      Too funny about the remote. It’s so much fun to play around.

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