Bike Trip 2002 Installment #3

I’ve decided to try to transfer some of our bike journals and pictures over to my blog.  There’s a lot.  Wish me luck.  And be sure to check back once in a while for the continuing stories.

Bike Trip 2002

This was our first trip on the quad (4-person) bicycle.  We all journaled as much as I could force make happen.  The spelling of the kids is unedited (with some translations in parenthesis).  They were 7 and 8 years old at the time.

Installment #3

June 28, 2002 Friday

Jb:  Gram called Cortland Standard. Reporters came. Mike took the day off work. Left around 8:15. It was raining when we left – used ponchos. Much easier riding today – first 25 miles were quick. Very long uphill before N……. …but also very long gradual downhill. Stopped in C……… and ate near the supermarket. Watched people ride bikes (and cars) through huge mud puddles. Wonder if that is the town’s entertainment. DH mailed his jacket home (Mike gave him another one)…it cost almost as much as mailing 14 lbs! People didn’t seem very friendly here. 50 miles total. Reached N…… where a woman on the road directed us (the non-hill way) to the City Hall. A woman  took our picture and was VERY helpful in helping us find a place to stay. She directed us to Al and Marilyn. He is an orthopedic surgeon (into canoeing). She used to be a stewardess on the railroad. They had a train in the living room. Very accomodating. We walked to the Tops and had salad and pizza and picked up stuff for breakfast.

DH: Day 3   48 miles. Light rain-gradually got warmer. Reporter at Gram’s. C………. food. Bike through water. Grumpy people. Mailed jacket. Rested in grassy area. Gradual climb all day then coasted last 10 into N…….. Top speed 45 mph, also 44 today. Dr. Al and Marilyn’s house. Pizza salad and soda at Tops. Butt rashes from heat. Tent. City hall folks tried to help and were friendly. Woman wanted our picture and then found us the doctor and lead us. Great lawn for baseball. 2 cats. Train inside. Adirondack chairs. Bathroom in Dr. office. Mosquitos. Mike followed us.

YS: We ate coces (cookies). We read knok knok joks. We rode in the ran (rain).

OS: Dr. Al’s house It was free Thare was a traen (train). It was nice of them. A dog that is nosy (noisy). The morning a roupoter (reporter) came and tok (took) notes about us and the bike.

Dr. Al
Dr. Al


Break time!
Break time!

Check out the color of those shirts!  As if we weren’t visible enough on a purple, 4-person bike!



If your comments don’t show up right away, don’t worry, it might take me a few days to get to them…busy schedule this week.  I still look forward to your comments, though, so don’t be shy 🙂 !

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