Bike Trip 2002 Installment #2

I’ve decided to try to transfer some of our bike journals and pictures over to my blog.  There’s a lot.  Wish me luck.  And be sure to check back once in a while for the continuing stories.

Bike Trip 2002

This was our first trip on the quad (4-person) bicycle.  We all journaled as much as I could force make happen.  The spelling of the kids is unedited (with some translations in parenthesis).  They were 7 and 8 years old at the time.

Installment #2

June 27, 2002 Thursday

Jb: Didn’t sleep too well. YS was scared (I guess by the thunderstorm)…kept wiggling. “Bed” was too short for DH. Finally turned me and him sideways and put YS between us. OS was using my head for a pillow. Birds were chattering all night. Kind of funny. Left at 7:15. Stopped at a store and ate cocoa puffs. Nice woman let us come by her house for water and bathrooms. Lots of hills and heat till after T…. . Stopped at a post office and mailed home 15 lbs. Couldn’t mail the propane. Post woman very nice. Jim gave the propane to someone at the post office. Stopped across from Y… Lake for ice cream – on covered swings. Staying at Gram’s. YS napped on the porch. Had pizza with Mike and Gram.

DH: Day 2, 25 miles. Rained overnight. Got up early but already too hot. To little store for cereal and bananas. Man gave us poor advice and we added a couple miles and a few hills. Tough, hot ride. Walked more hills. Post office in Apulia mailed 15 pounds home and gave away 2 fuel bottles. Nice ride after that. Stopped again for ice cream. Gram’s hill. Rode Mike’s new M/C. Pasta, brownies, pizza. Did laundry, showers. Gram called reporter.

YS: I like to climb the hills. I like mike’s toy motorcyle. We had ice crèm on a swing.

OS: At a house. It was free. It was at grams house. Thare is a dog and a cat. The dog is named Boober. The cat is named KitterKat. Mike is funny and is schary. 

Bike Trip 2002 #2

Bike Trip 2002 #4

Bike Trip 2002 #4



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