I wasn’t sure about it till quite a way into the movie.  But yes, I think I can safely say that I enjoyed the movie Inception.  It could have gone either way.  It could have been a cheesy attempt at an intriguing plot that ended up being an incoherent mess with an impossible-to-follow theory of how dreams and the subconscious work.  BUT it became more understandable as the movie went on and I actually found myself (dare I say it again?) enjoying the premise of the movie!

Movies that dig into the human psyche always seem interesting to me.  It reminded me of A Beautiful Mind, so if you’re into that kind of movie, I’d be willing to bet that you would enjoy Inception.  There wasn’t an offensive amount of violence, but it seemed action packed enough to keep those kinds of fans engaged also.

And…I wasn’t at all offended that Leonardo DiCaprio was starting to look a little more…hmmm…what’s the word I’m looking for?…I don’t know…like a normal guy…not some beefed up superstar. 

The acting was okay.  Maybe a little bland.  But not intolerable.  The story made up for it, I think.

Would I recommend that someone go see it?  Yeah, but probably not at the full price theater…but that’s probably nothing personal against the movie.  It’s just that movies get released to cheap theaters and DVD so quickly now, it hardly seems worth it to pay the more expensive prices.

So, that’s just my brief little opinion given to you all, free of charge.  But, feel free to leave donations at the door ’cause I don’t get paid to write this sh**.

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4 Responses to Inception

  1. This is an honest review. I’ll go into it with low expectations at least.

  2. This is an honest review. I’ll go into it with low expectations at least.

  3. Haven’t seen the movie, but my kids have. They said it was very confusing. I’ll wait for the DVD.

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