The Kayakers (aka Shannon and Jay)

So, while DH and I were out leisurely biking the canal we met a couple of kayakers at one of the locks that we camped at.  They are a brother and sister who are having quite an adventure of “Paddling from Hamburg, Michigan to Avon by the Sea, New Jersey via the Huron River, Lake Erie, the Erie Canal, the Hudson River, NY Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean”.  Like I’ve said before, we meet a lot of crazy interesting people on our bike trips.  (Oh geez, did I just say that out loud?  Where’s that damn erase button???).  But seriously, they were really fun getting to know a little.  DH invited them to bunk with us when they passed through our area.  We only beat them home by 8 hours…just enough time to make sure older son cleaned some space for them to sleep!

They are blogging all about their adventures:  (CLICK HERE Jay and Shannon’s Kayak Adventures).  DH got some first hand accounts and now the wheels are a-turning in that head of his (as if those wheels ever stop)…pray for me 😉 .  So if you see my body floating beside a kayak in Lake Erie, you’ll know who to blame!

Of course, while they were here, DH beat them with a stick until they submitted convinced them to try out our recumbent bikes.  My camera was being snotty, so I didn’t get a picture on my camera, but DH was taking pics with their camera, so maybe they’ll post a pic on their blog.

Since they needed a big rest, we invited them to stay for another day.  There was plenty of food intake, dog lovin’ and hopefully enough R&R for them…so that they could return to this:

Jay and Shannon's Kayak Adventure
Jay and Shannon’s Kayak Adventure





 I had to edit the previous picture because the khaki shorts blended a little too well with his skin color.  No, ladies and gentlemen, he is NOT “The Naked Kayaker”…as far as I know!

Who's working harder? ;)
Who’s working harder? 😉


Who's working harder? ;)
Who’s working harder? 😉


Have a safe trip!
Have a safe trip!


It was great having you guys here! 

It’s heartening (yeah, I used the word heartening, ya got something to say about it?) to see siblings who get along so well!  It gives me hope for the ones that live in my home!

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2 Responses to The Kayakers (aka Shannon and Jay)

  1. liz says:

    That’s pretty cool! Some people are so adventurous! And how are they blogging about it?

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