Lake Placid trip

Sorry about my lame posting habits of late.  But it’s summer!  What else can I say?!

Sunday we went up to Lake Placid to volunteer at the Ironman Triathlon.  My husband volunteered because volunteers get to jump the line to sign up for next year’s triathlon.  The boys and I did it just because we are ridiculously kind hearted people who want to laugh at help these poor demented folks who want to participate in this activity.   Look at these luverly t-shirts the volunteers were given:

Ironman Triathlon Volunteer T-shirt

…okay, so that’s not the best shot of it. 

I have to say that I’m quite proud of the boys.  They worked pretty hard.  We had a 4-hour shift and while it seems really lame to say it was exercise (given the 2600 people around us and what they were doing), I’m pretty sure I must’ve done the equivalent of about 3000 toe touches! 

It was a little shocking to see the number of people who apparently have this mental illness that incites them to torture themselves in this manner…and to pay a crazy amount of money to be allowed the honor of doing it!  I must confess I’m having an ethical dilemma here.  It doesn’t seem quite right to volunteer to “help” people continue with this sick behavior!  I don’t think this is the kind of “help” they need!  (I’m just kidding here.  Please don’t send me nasty essays about why it’s not crazy behavior). 

So, next year, I may not be a volunteer.  But you might see me on the sidelines with a lawnchair, cooler and sun umbrella.  I’ll be the one pointing and laughing.  (AGAIN, I’m just kidding!  Geesh!  Some people!)


But seriously, I do have a real beef with something I saw and basically had to take part in.  For those of you who have never watched a running race, they typically have aid stations.  They hand out water and sometimes other things as the runners come by.  One of the things they handed out at this race were sponges that were dipped in water.  The runners use it to throw water on themselves, wipe their faces or stuff them into their shirts to help cool them down.  Here’s the problem I saw…

the sponges were all thrown into a kiddie pool partially filled with water.  Some volunteers were appointed to pass them to the runners.  After the runners were finished with them they threw them on the ground and volunteers would pick them up and throw them back into the kiddie pool to be re-used! I don’t know about you but I found that pretty damn disgusting!  I would think that the charge of almost $500 for each participant could ensure that they do not have to use a sponge that has been slimed by some other sweaty participant, thrown into the dirt by the side of the road, and “replenished” with the waste water of a zillion other sponges!  C’mon people!  You’ve gotta get it together on this! 

Okay, I’m off the soapbox now.


The rest of the event (of what we saw) seemed well done.  Next year, we might be able to give you a better picture of the event since my insane spouse is intending to participate (provided he doesn’t injure himself again!).


We stayed at a local campground for two nights.  It was a pretty decent campground as campgrounds go.  It was clean and the employees were very friendly.  I only have one complaint.  I just couldn’t keep my hand under the hot water long enough for it to become comfortable:

Sign on bathroom mirror at campground.

Sign on bathroom mirror at campground.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????  Is there something wrong with me?  I feel so inadequate!


We went on two hikes while we were up that way.  Here are just a few random pictures from the first hike…up Haystack:

Sunny on Haystack trail

Sunny on Haystack trail


check out the color of that mushroom!



Only the Knots remain!
Only the Knots remain!

Pine Trees

Pine Trees

Attempted picture of "the Jesus bug".

Attempted picture of "the Jesus bug".

…because he walks on water.


And from the second trail…

.9 miles straight up (it felt like)…




this view:

.9 miles up!

.9 miles up!

…which, of course, the picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice!  Oh well…I guess you’ll just have to go climb .9 miles straight up yourselves to see the view!


Now, we’re off again, for some more summer adventures!  Catch ya later, gators!

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