Bike Trip 2002 Installment #1

I’ve decided to try to transfer some of our bike journals and pictures over to my blog.  There’s a lot.  Wish me luck.  And be sure to check back once in a while for the continuing stories.

Bike Trip 2002

This was our first trip on the quad (4-person) bicycle.  We all journaled as much as I could force make happen.  The spelling of the kids is unedited (with some translations in parenthesis).  They were 7 and 8 years old at the time.


Installment #1

June 26, 2002 Wednesday

Jb: We got up early and left the house at quarter to 7:00. The first 11 miles were pretty easy and done in an hour. Then came the hills and the heat. We stopped at a very cool pond that DH used to go to with patients. Lots of ducks, geese and swan. The swan came right up to us. We saw goose eggs as we were leaving.

Bike Trip 2002 pond
The swan swam right up to us!

Stopped in the town hall (L……..) to see if we could tent in a local park (Great idea DH!). Downstairs was the library so we went down and had the boys do reading. At the park we discovered a log shelter! And there were bales of hay that DH arranged into beds! The kids played on the merry-go-round and we all cooled our feet in the creek.

Hubby (DH): Day 1, 27 miles. First 8 miles were great. We left at 7:15 to avoid the heat and get some miles in before the predicted T-storms. The hills from after that did not quit, neither did the heat. We stopped at a duck pond, Aldi, someone’s front yard and L…….. municipal building. The 2 women there gave us permission to stay at a local park that we passed one mile back. The same building had a library so we stayed there a while. We decided we had far too much stuff. So we decided to get rid of the following: stove, 2 fuel bottles, 3 pans with 2 lids, potholders, lighters (2), we kept one, stirring spoon, we kept bowls and plastic silverware, socks, underwear, long sleeve, long pants, Jb and kids’ gloves, adjust wrench, needle nose pliers, my sunglasses, stuff sack, other. I found a box. The park we stayed in was great. There was a pond with a log storage building behind it with a picnic table. I moved some bales of hay to form beds. We put the bike and trailer inside too. We played in a creek, on the playground, saw a little lacrosse. No one around. Weather got nice. Bed early – 7ish.

Younger son (YS): We stayed at the playground. Played in the crick with are sandals. I liked to watch the ducks swim.

Bike Trip 2002 Wading in Creek
Wading in the “crick”

Older son (OS): Stad (stayed) in log cabin. It was free. I like to ful (feel) the heat. Wad (wade) in the creek. I did in the creek I played with rocks. I wont (want) a marygorond (merry-go-round). I like to spin. It is fun. I got kot (caught) in the doors in Alds (Aldi’s).

Log Cabin

Lucky Log Cabin Shelter

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2 Responses to Bike Trip 2002 Installment #1

  1. That’s great how you’ve preserved their impressions of your trips together. That will be very special for you all as time goes on I’m sure.

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