Rotting Meat in a Vegetarian's Fridge




“Why is there rotting meat in your fridge, Jb?”


“Didn’t you say you were a vegetarian, Jb?”


“Why is there meat in your fridge?”


“Why, Jb, Why?”


“For the love of god, Jb, just tell me!”



Well, um, the only logical explanation that I can come up with is that my DH has decided he is my pet and is now bringing me “gifts” that he has no idea how repulsive they are to me.

If anyone else can come up with a better explanation, I’d like to hear it!


It has been so long since I had to deal with meat (much less the rotting version), that I had to call my neighbor and ask her what to do with it!  I probably would’ve come up with the same answer if I hadn’t been overwhelmed by the stench coming from my fridge!

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5 Responses to Rotting Meat in a Vegetarian's Fridge

  1. Jb says:

    Yeah, what else could there possibly be left to say.

  2. I guess since we’re meat eaters, I don’t know what to do with rotting meat either. We typically just eat it!

  3. Purplume says:

    Yikes, that is a bad smell, Hope it’s gone now and stays gone.

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