The Shadow Game

My niece and I spent the morning putting together this little video clip with a little help from younger son and a lot of help from older son.  It’s a game that we sometimes play when we are out walking together.

If you know us at all, we got a little distracted with the cool stuff you can do to the video on the computer.  So there are two versions of the same video clip.  Be sure to tell us which one you like better.





Basically, there are no real rules.  But we think the important elements are:

1. The leader should try to flub up the follower.

2. The follower should pretend they are not following or imitating in any way.

3. The leader should try to catch the follower in the act.


This video can also be viewed on my niece’s blog:

Kitties and Such

P.S.  Try to ignore “editieng” error at the end of the first clip.  We like to pretend it was the computer’s fault.

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4 Responses to The Shadow Game

  1. Vicki says:

    Heehee! I like the second one….but maybe just cuz I can see the smoosh I miss so much in that one better! 🙂

  2. Purplume says:

    Totally excellent. I liked the first one better. Your choice of music was perfect. I was lol so much when you two were crossing legs that my husband who is telecommuting had to shut his door.

    Great job.

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