Self-fulfilling prophecy or just ingrained stupidity?

Look at this absolutely riveting photo:

Now read this conversation that took place previous to the picture:


“Poor kitty.  She likes to sit on that railing”.

“She’s not a poor kitty.  She’s a dumb kitty, because she’ll walk on it anyway, even though it’s fresh paint.”

“Yeah, no offense to the kitty, but that’s pretty dumb”.


Here kitty, kitty.  I’ve got something for you:

 (Borrowed the stamp from HERE).

So, do you think she heard us talking about her?

BTW, that’s an enlarged picture of her pawprint on the fresh paint.  We couldn’t catch her to get a picture of her paw. 

At least she was smart enough to run away when we saw what she was doing.

Maybe I should say that out loud.  Kitty self-esteem is a fragile thing, ya know.


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Also, I’m guest posting over at Kerri’s Klutter tomorrow.  I would love for you to go check it out!  Thanks!

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6 Responses to Self-fulfilling prophecy or just ingrained stupidity?

  1. Given that kitty didn’t get stuck, she must be doing okay!

  2. I’m so glad you explained the pic, couldn’t make it out on my phone!

    And excellent application of the Stupid Tax!

    • Jb says:

      So glad you concur! I like to know that I’m applying these things in the correct manner 😉 .

      The picture probably wasn’t too easy to make out for anyone…certainly not one for the halls of an art museum.

  3. school grants says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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