Flashback Friday

Last week, I searched all my disks for that specific picture (see it here).  This week as I was (finally) cleaning my bedroom, I found a stack of printed pictures.  Guess which picture was almost right on the top!

Anyway, this one was in that stack right after that one.

The roles have reversed!  That’s the younger one reading to the older one this time! 

I love how their feet are in the air.

You’d think by the plethora of pictures I’ve showed of them reading that they are avid readers.  That’s why I used the word “plethora” for only two pictures…’cause that’s an “overabundance”* of pictures of reading for two people who pretty much hate to read.

*Straight out of Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition 1988.  That’s the year my DH and I met.  Guess where we met.  Hint: I just mentioned it in the title of the dictionary.  And this is the dictionary his parents gave him for college.  Might be time to get updated. 

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2 Responses to Flashback Friday

  1. Purplume says:

    It seems like I hardly ever hear of any children who like to read anymore. Do you think technology fills that need in more attention getting ways?

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