Pizza Blast Results are in!

Well, it was a challenge (Pizza Blast), but I think I did pretty well!

I managed to make 6 breakfast-y pizzas and 7 dinner pizzas.  We all rated the pizzas on a scale of 1-3,

1 being hated it

2 generally meaning okay, but change something

3 being loved it. 

I’m happy to report that none of them received a 1! 

So, here’s the playback:



#1. Pancake crust, strawberry puree, and cottage cheese.  Baked.  This was the first and probably the worst.  Younger boy didn’t like the fruit puree.  Older boy and I didn’t like the cottage cheese on it.  DH liked it.  Average rating: 2.  I think if I did this again I would thicken the puree and do something to make the cottage cheese sweeter.

#2. Pancake crust, homemade yogurt, sliced green grapes.  Only the crust was baked.  Younger boy and I did not get any of this.  The other two both gave it a 3.  Average rating: 3.  (Tough math I’m doing here 😉 )

#3.  Biscuit crust, strawberry shortcake pizza.  I botched the crust because I was trying to make the biscuits without searching for the recipe.  I mixed up the measurements for the baking soda and the baking powder.  Blech!  Do not try this at home!  Everyone said this would’ve been a 3 if the crust hadn’t gotten botched.  So I’m going to give it an average rating of 3.  Too bad for you if you don’t like my rating system 😉 .

#4. Cornbread crust, cream cheese, chopped figs.  Only the crust was baked.  Everybody loved this, except me.  I thought it was over the top sweet.  Average rating: 2.75.

#5. Layers of whole wheat flatbread, peanut butter, applesauce, cinnamon, coconut, and pureed bananas. (Not baked).  DH didn’t get any of this.  I thought it was okay, a little boring.  Both the boys liked it but older boy said it was weird (he says that about a lot of things, though).  Average rating: 2.67.

#6. Whole wheat pizza crust, scrambled eggs, vegetarian (boca brand) sausages ground, cheddar cheese.  Older boy didn’t get any of this because he spent the whole day with grandma.  Too bad for him, cause we ate his for leftovers later in the day. (Don’t feel sorry for him.  I’m sure he got plenty spoiled).  Average rating: 3.

#7.  Just testing ya…I said there were only 6…remember?  We had Pizza Hut on Sunday afternoon, so I knew it would be useless to make a breakfast pizza that day.  By yesterday morning, I’d pretty much lost all motivation to make a breakfast pizza.


And now, on to the dinner pizzas.  Much more successful with these!

#1. Whole wheat pizza crust, whole head of garlic sauteed in 1/2 stick butter and 2 Tbsp. flour, topped with mozzarella cheese.  From the 3 of us who remembered, the rating was 3. Someone (who shall not be named) couldn’t recall several of the pizzas.  He gave all the non-memorable ones a 2.  (I guess I should have asked for the ratings sooner or given the old man some gingko in HIS pizza).  Average rating: 2.75.  But you should consider it a 3…just ’cause I said so.

#2. Whole wheat pizza crust with a box of thawed spinach baked into it, topped with alfredo sauce and mozzarella cheese.  Same results as pizza #1.  I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be letting the results be skewed by bad memory, should I?  Besides, if kids will eat it and like it, it should get points just for that!

#3. Whole wheat pizza crust, rosemary sauteed in a little butter, thinly sliced zucchini, thinly sliced (pre-boiled) potatoes, chopped boiled eggs, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese. DH Someone didn’t remember this one either.  Older boy thought the potatoes should be mashed.  Younger boy and I both like it.  Average rating: 2.5.

#4. Whole wheat pizza crust, vegetarian pepperoni, tomato sauce, mozzarella.  Obviously pretty much a classic.  Average rating: 3. (DH doesn’t like the whole wheat crust…that figures…been using it forever…the kids love it).

#5. Brownie crust (fat free, pumpkin added), homemade yogurt, pureed raspberries, sliced apples.  (Only crust was baked).  Average rating: 2.  It was too sour for 3 of us and one of us (ahem) didn’t remember it.

#6. Whole wheat pizza crust, vodka tomato sauce (I was trying to get them drunk…better ratings that way 😉 ), cannellini beans, fresh basil, mozzarella, topped with chopped pine nuts.  Average rating: 2.  Sounds better than it was.  Pretty boring tasting.  Younger boy really didn’t like the pine nuts.

#7. Whole wheat pizza crust, vodka tomato sauce (what?! c’mon! a mom’s gotta have a break sometime), vegetarian ham, (broiled) pineapple, mozzarella cheese.  Average rating: 2.75.  Younger boy does NOT like pineapple on his pizza dammit (he didn’t say dammit…that was just the look on his face when I told him he had to try it).  The rest of us thought the “ham” could use some salting.

#8. You didn’t fall for that again, did ya?

P.S.  I’m well aware that alcohol cooks out…I was just trying to amuse ya!  You’re welcome!  (Can’t catch a break anywhere, grumble, grumble, grumble…)

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10 Responses to Pizza Blast Results are in!

  1. Purplume says:

    OMG. you did more cooking this week than I have this year.
    Bless you all, what a neat shared family learning.

  2. “Too bad for you if you don’t like the rating system”. That’s what I like to here – mom makes the rules!

  3. Jb says:

    Yeah, I’m a little delusional that way 😉

  4. Secret Mommy says:

    I love pizza week! Definitely doing it when my kids are older!

  5. Kerri says:

    This is awesome. I’m so glad you went through with it. Is there a recipe for the wheat crust or is it something you buy at a store?

    Breakfast pizza sounds yum….gotta make me some.

    • Jb says:

      It’s from a book called Incredible Edibles. You can find it through my Amazon store 😉 I took a cooking class with the author YEARS ago. Love, love, love the book. If you use the recipe from the book, I would recommend 1 and 1/2 the amount of measurements to get the right size crust. Double if you like it thick.
      I could try to come up with it out of my head, but I would hate to get it wrong and I’m out of town right now. I think the main difference from a white crust was there was a whole Tablespoon of yeast in it.

  6. Texasholly says:

    Oh no! I did miss out! Hopefully I can make it into your next pizza extravaganza! hahaha.

  7. Texasholly says:

    Oh no! I did miss out! Hopefully I can make it into your next pizza extravaganza! hahaha.

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