Please forgive my ignorance, but is a blog “potluck” just a charming way to say “mind vomit”?  I don’t mean any disrespect…it’s just a casual observation.  My whole blog is a bit of a mind vomit but sometimes there’s just a little bit, not a whole post’s worth…so that’s what the potluck is, right?  So, I’ve got a potluck for you! (Unless I’ve got the whole idea wrong).

Last night it was raining very loudly.  I jumped up out of bed to see if rain was coming in the open window.  Not only was it not coming in the window, it wasn’t even in our yard.  But it was pouring buckets in the neighbor’s yard!  Cool!  My mind kept saying “edge of a cloud”.  Sounds like it belongs in a poem or something.

I got me some Martha points!  (Click here if you don’t know what I’m referring to).  I was just thinking how much better Martha points are than any other awards.  This isn’t to say the other awards aren’t fabulous, just that Martha points are fabulouser (yes, I know there’s no such word…get over it).  Try and earn some and you’ll see why!  (Hint: it’s because there’s no chain letter effect 😉 ).

My son sometimes asks if he can put things on my computer.  He always gets the same line of questioning…”Why?  Is it going to do something bad to my computer?  Are you SURE???”  So stupid, never learns a lesson innocent me lets him put Microsoft Office on my computer.  When I finally (months later) realized that it might be the reason my computer was running sooooooo slow, I had him remove it.  All I can say about the result…get rid of that program!  (Will Microsoft take out a hit on me for saying that?  Maybe my son installed it improperly, heh-heh, please don’t kill me Microsoft!)

My husband always gives me a look when he sees me buying white clothing, so I thought I would just kind of beat him to a pulp the punch:

The .com is just there for posterity.  (Doesn’t it seem like it belongs there?)

Three weeks and 1 day ago, I got chastised (yes, chastised) by the dental hygienist for not flossing enough.  And I’d appreciate it if someone would remind me next time to make sure I ask to get her someone else to do my cleaning.  Anyway, to remind myself to be consistent about it, I took a postcard that I found at a little diner and I taped the picture on the bathroom mirror with a sticky note next to it saying “Floss!”.  If you want to see the delectable picture that has kept me on track for 3 whole weeks click here. It’s the first picture.  I imagine that the little boy is yelling at me, “Floss!”

There!  Was that potlucky enough for everyone?  If not, I might have to teach you a thing or two about “lucky”!  (I’m just kiddin’, don’t get all pouty on me now)!

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14 Responses to Potluck???

  1. Well, you totally earned ’em, baby! That was quite a book!

    • admin says:

      Tomorrow promises to be another good day for finding another treasure. Stay tuned. (DH is taking a personal day, just so we can go out to the garage sales). ‘Tis the season.

  2. Molly says:

    One of the best potluckies I have read lately. Or is that poyluckys. Or should I just say random blog posts that still made me laugh…? Yup, probably that.

  3. Secret Mommy says:

    Potluck! Good idea! I always have a ton of random little bits of things I want to blog about, but they don’t seem big enough for a blog post. I’ll have to remember “potlucking.” 🙂

    As for the rain…it has happened 2 or 3 times since we’ve lived in our current house that it will be raining out the FRONT window and not out the BACK window. We don’t live in a ginormous house, so it’s not like it’s one zip code out front and another out back. Tee hee. I’ve always wondered if we just live in an area that commonly has weird weather patterns. We do live on the side of a hill…

    And your sweatshirt made me laugh out loud. I have two young boys and recently bought a pair of white pants. My husband AND a good friend said to me, “What are you? A sadist?” 🙂

    • admin says:

      The potluck wasn’t my idea. I’d just seen it around at other blogs. But coincidentally, I just ran across the originator of the idea (just before that post was scheduled).
      I’m going to try to link up with her on Monday, which is her potluck day.

  4. I always thought \potluck\ meant \too lazy to make dinner for everyone\.

    I’m mostly kidding of course.

    Being on the border between raining and not raining is a rare and interesting phenomenon that I love to witness!

    • admin says:

      Potluck, when I was growing up (haha) meant everybody brought something to eat…generally a church event which included five different dishes of baked beans, all made differently 😉

  5. I agree about office it slows everything down.

  6. Texasholly says:

    I am totally renaming potluck to “mind vomit” – hahaha.

    THAT raining thing happened to a lesser degree to me the other day. We got NO rain and a few blocks away it poured…so weird.

    totally jealous of the Martha Points…envy (-34 points).

    • Jb says:

      Oh, darn…I was hoping you wouldn’t be jealous…that way maybe you’d go nominate me for some more points (for the mind vomit idea 😉 ). I’ll share with you if you do!

  7. Jb says:

    Oh, darn…I was hoping you wouldn’t be jealous…that way maybe you’d go nominate me for some more points (for the mind vomit idea 😉 ). I’ll share with you if you do!

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