Make It Happen Mondays

It’s Monday again, so here’s the second chance to participate in Make It Happen Mondays.

A few months ago I stumbled upon the site  I think this is a great site!  It gives the opportunity for people to sign all kinds of petitions about subjects that they care about.

Recently I thought that it might be interesting to post the site on my blog.  Then I got to thinking how I might encourage other people to actually go to the site on a regular basis.  Thus was born “Make it Happen Mondays”.  

I’m going to try to sign five petitions each Monday.   I hope you join me. 

  • First click  on this link: or click in the box below:
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    Petitions by|Start a Petition »
    (Just a little disclaimer here: chooses the specific petition to show up in the box.  That does not imply that it is one of the petitions I chose to sign.  They have many different causes.  Please check them out).

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    change_setup('300', '26690', '#1A3563');
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  • Next, sign one or more petitions of your choice.
  • Then, if you have a blog, grab their widget and put it in a post along with a brief blurb about which petition you signed and why.  Come back here and add yourself to the Linky list (If you don’t blog, ignore this step).
  • I would love it if you would leave a comment here about which petition you signed and why.  (Also, let me know if you think this meme is a good idea).
  • Also, please visit at least one of the other links from the Linky list to see what they signed.

I hope all of you find this interesting!  And I hope lots of people join in and make it a success!  Thanks!

Petitions by|Start a Petition »
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One Response to Make It Happen Mondays

  1. Jb says:

    I signed three about Human Trafficking, one about Animals, and one about Homelessness.

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