Comment Love Letter (for a good cause)

For every person who participates and links up to COMMENT-LOVE LETTERS (on Tuesdays) with  Kerri will be donating $1 to Monkey…

Monkey is the 16 month old daughter of  fellow blogger,

Michelle at Momma’s Pixie Dreams.

…Monkey’s parents sat in disbelief as they were informed that their little girl has neuroblastoma.

So here is my Comment Love Letter (“A fun and often hilarious way to show off the comment love received on the previous weeks posts”):

Dear Jb @ Homemaker’s Pensieve,

Two nights ago we had a freeze and my early bird dad lost his whole garden. I can’t wait to plant, but I am waiting.
I read the losing my religion review. My husband’s grandpa was the minister of a baptist church….very political and he was forced out. My husband was so turned off  he only steps foot in churchwhen there is a funeral.
Wow that was really beautiful!!! Loved the disclaimer  Great poem! I post poems and I think it’s ok as long as you reference the writer and don’t take credit. Obligatory gaffaws! Love that because it’s so true!
How fun! I never would have figured there would be a clever way to make a pun out of the word pedaphile, but your son figured one out! That is actually pretty funny…considering the word and all. Your son is pretty witty….I don’t think I would have come close to something as zing-y….Word play is always funny even when slightly inappropriate! Oh my gosh, that is REALLY funny! I wonder what they did think! Great pun younger son! LOL funny~ Obligatory gaffaws!
My parents came to town yesterday, and their dog and jack “greeted” each other in a way only dogs do.  Your video clip made me laugh out loud. What would we do without dogs? Yes, I’m glad we don’t have to have the same secret handshake they have. Obligatory gaffaws!
Jb, that bike is awesome! I can’t believe you have something like that. Lucky! I think I’ll order 3! Obligatory gaffaws! Yay for your super awesome bike! Craig would LOVE that! Looks like fun! Is that your whole family on one bike??? How cool! I love Modern Family – best show in such a long time!!!
Obligatory gaffaws,

Your Favorite Commenter

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4 Responses to Comment Love Letter (for a good cause)

  1. liz says:

    I have long thought about doing her comment love letters! did it take a while to put together?

  2. admin says:

    Not too bad. Depends how much you want to futz with it. I think I probably thought about doing it for longer than it actually took to do it.

  3. Kerri says:

    Love it! Thanks for linking up!

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