Dog activity

Puppy’s brother came by for a bit of a surprise visit today.  In case you are wondering what dogs choose to do when they haven’t seen eachother in a long time, I thought I’d fill you in.  This was one of the activities of their choice: 

The other activities were switching back and forth from the kiddie pool to rolling in the dirt (which quickly became mud), smearing mud on the side of the garage, chasing eachother around the bush a million times, going over near the humans to cool them off with a fresh shake of muddy water, wrestling eachother to the ground, and biting eachother on the ears until the other one squealed “Uncle!”  And of course there was the usual activities that dogs do when they see any dog even if they saw them 2 minutes ago…I won’t go into those details…no one needs to think about that…ever.  Dogs are weird, but I wonder if they think our human reunions are weird.  Probably it’s just boring to them.  “Yawn, why don’t these schmucks go roll in the mud?!”  Maybe next time I see my brother I should make him squeal “Uncle”.  I don’t think I’d care to bite him, but maybe a little mud smearing would do the trick.

P.S.  We used to call this brother puppy “Lil’ Bear”.  He ain’t so little now.

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6 Responses to Dog activity

  1. liz says:

    My parents came to town yesterday, and their dog and jack “greeted” each other in a way only dogs do. 🙂

  2. Purplume says:

    jb, thank you for your comment n my edible garden post.
    Your video clip made me laugh out loud.
    What would we do without dogs? Yes, I’m glad we don’t have to have the same secret handshake they have.

  3. Vicki says:

    Smart doggies! Ooooo…dirt! Mud! Water! I’m a dog!

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