Top Ten Reasons why I prefer a manual lawn mower

Top Ten Reasons why I prefer a manual lawn mower:

One:  I don’t have to suck gasoline fumes.

Two:  Saves gas money.

Three:  I can start and stop and restart without a big to-do.  (With our old lawnmower, it was truly a big to-do.  I’m not kidding you when I say I did a little victory dance every time I was able to get that thing started).

Four:  I can mow inches away from the dogs without worrying about it.

Five:  I don’t have to plan a route in order to complete the yard without doubling back or running out of gas.  I can stop as often and as long as I need to in order to pick up things or move things out of the way.  No waste of gas or spewing of fumes!

Six:  Apparently, using a manual lawn mower results in better weed control!  (I tried to take a comparison picture for you, but the pictures just did not do the contrast justice:  Mr. “I have to have the perfect lawn so I spray toxic crap all over it” versus Ms. “floofy, keep it natural, I love my dogs”.  Guess whose lawn had about 4 times as many dandelions all over it as the other…go ahead…guess.  Mine!  Ha! So go suck on your toxic crap (that you think is okay to spray while the kids stand 6 feet away waiting for the school bus).  I guess you might be able to tell how I feel about that guy.

Seven:  It is quiet enough that you can mow the lawn early in the morning or late at night.  You can listen to music or talk on the phone too!

Eight:  Nothing dangerous (rocks) or disgusting (dog doo) flies out at a bazillion miles per hour.

Nine:  You can mow in flip flops (or barefeet if you’re not worried about dog doo).  I’m sure someone will think this is ultra paranoid, but I have personally known two people that have had their foot chopped off by a power mower.  I can also stop to pick things up without worrying about my hands being too close. (That one is ultra paranoid, but only because I don’t know anyone personally who has had a hand chopped off by a power mower.)

Ten:  It counts as exercise.  (This might count as a con also, but I see it as another thing I can cross off the big to-do list).


Now, I guess it’s only fair to give the cons:

One:  You wouldn’t want to use it on a big lawn. Among other reasons, the mower makes a shorter width row than power mowers, so it takes longer.

Two:  You may have to rake. (Just depends on how long you let the grass get).

Three:  The blades are supposed to be sharpened every so often.  I haven’t had it done yet so I’m not sure what will happen to this little experiment when that time comes.  (I’m sure I will postpone it as long as is absolutely possible).

Four:  When it’s not cutting grass (like when you are dragging it down the driveway) it squeaks something horrible.  But you can avoid this by pushing the handle down so that the blades don’t rotate.

Five:  Gets stuck on sticks.  You have to turn the blade backwards to get the sticks out, but you can do this with your foot (without your foot getting chopped off 😉 ).

Six:  People might think you are a little nuts.  But who cares what your kids think anyway 😉  (This might actually be another PRO. Think about it…it might work for you.)

Seven:  You’ll probably have to mow more frequently, because it is a *&%$#&%*& to push a manual mower through deep grass.

Eight:  For some wacky reason, manual mowers don’t seem to want to mow over dandelions.  So your yard will look pretty crappy during that season, but don’t worry…it’s a pretty short season.

Nine:  It is exercise! (I know I put this in PRO’s also, but as you will recall, I said it counts for exercise, whereas the CON is that it is actually exercise. There is a difference, ya see.

Ten:  It is exercise!  I couldn’t think of a tenth, so I just repeated this one, because it is so true!

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5 Responses to Top Ten Reasons why I prefer a manual lawn mower

  1. Deb says:

    I like mine too–though the dandelion spindles or whatever you call ’em came up again overnight! holy cow

    • admin says:

      It must be time to make those dandelion curly things! Remember those? You split the stem and put them in water and they curl up. It’s cool…remember?

  2. Secret Mommy says:

    We had both mowers and after realizing we hadn’t used the gas one in a couple years we got rid of it. We have a very tiny yard in a suburban neighborhood, so the manual works just great. And I also find that the pros far outweigh the cons. It is funny that the manual blades don’t like to cut dandelions or other weeds, but I just keep one of those garden prong diggy things (kinda looks like a large flat-head screwdriver) in my back pocket and pop ’em out as I go.

    Oh, and your con about the blades needing sharpened…the power mower blades need sharpened, too, so that one’s a wash! 🙂

    Enjoy your lovely lawn and nice exercise!

    • admin says:

      Ya see? Ya really do learn something new every day! I never knew that you needed to sharpen the power mower blades…I’m kind of duh that way. Just goes to show how diligent I am about lawn care 😉

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