Just thought I'd ask for a little rain

Just thought I’d ask for a little rain:

And lest you think this is NOT the correct way to ask…let me just inform you that it started raining before I even got to the back door after taking this picture!

(sorry for the use of the word “lest”…it just seemed appropriate.)

I’m testing an expanded version of the theory…the amount of rain is proportional to the number of items you hang on the laundry line.  I only hung three items up, and it only rained for hard for a few minutes.  (Maybe 3 items equals 3 minutes of hard rain?)

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7 Responses to Just thought I'd ask for a little rain

  1. I’m hoping to get a clothes line soon. I’ll have to test that theory!

    • admin says:

      It looks like I’m going to have to revise the revision, because today it poured rain for 15-20 minutes. I hadn’t even brought in the things that were in that picture! I’m thinking maybe the time gets quadrupled for every day that you leave the laundry outside 😉 I know there’s a connection between laundry and rain…I just know it 😉
      Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope the laundry line works out for you…I’ll let you know when I’ve got this “scientific” formula figured out 😉 !

  2. Deb says:

    The way to get a red light to change is to a) try to get your cell phone out of your purse b) try to open up a beverage bottle…………hahaha

    Just thought I’d pass that on.

  3. admin says:

    Haha! Thanks for the tip! Do you also know how to make a yellow light stay yellow till you get through it? That one would really come in handy!

  4. If only I’d known!!

    But, how do you make it sunny??

  5. If only I’d known!!

    But, how do you make it sunny??

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