In Praise of Bubblegum

I’d just like to say that if you are not afraid of bubblegum in: your hair, your furniture, your dog’s hair, your cat’s hair, your shoe, etc. (you get the jist), then I highly recommend bubblegum as entertainment for kids. 

My poor niece had to endure a five hour drive with me last Friday.  Two of those hours I had the radio tuned to NPR…and it wasn’t Car Talk or Wait, Wait…that kid must be an angel.  Anyway, when we stopped for a bathroom break, I bought a pack of bubblegum.  $1.20 is a little high for five pieces of gum (rest stop prices), but it was an excellent investment in the end.  We entertained ourselves trying to blow various kinds of bubbles for almost an hour and a half!  Let’s break it down, shall we?  Consider that each piece of gum cost 24 cents and we only used three pieces…3 x .24=.72……and we entertained ourselves for an hour and a half……that comes out to…

 48 cents/hour! 

Can you beat that?  ‘Cause if you can, I’d like to hear about it!  (“What’s that sound?”  you say?  It’s me patting myself on the back 😉 )  Just don’t ask me what we did for the rest of the trip, k?

Oh, and just imagine if we’d bought that gum NOT at a rest stop.  It makes me tingle to think of it 😉

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2 Responses to In Praise of Bubblegum

  1. Laura says:

    I love Wait Wait Don’t Tell me and Car Talk! Too funny! But I love to blow bubbles too.

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