Back from a weekend away

Friday I drove my niece back to her home.  (It’s a five hour drive).  I stayed the weekend with my sister and came back today.  So here’s the big bad news update…

DH called yesterday to tell me that he had pulled a groin muscle.  Lovely.  I guess that completes the three that MIL was talking about. (Isn’t that a bit of a jinx, when you tell someone “things like this always come in three”?)  He’s on crutches and will be out of regular activity for 6-8 weeks.  Bye bye marathon training.  Boy does that suck.  He’s been training all winter.

This weekend seemed to be the kick-off for garage sale season, so I expected to have anxiety when I walked back in the door this afternoon (because DH is an avid garage sale freak and MIL might have a little problem too ;), and they went together on Friday).  Well, DH kind of filled me in on what he had bought (probably not full disclosure) when he called Friday evening…and to his credit he hid the crap pretty well (as was my request).  However…when I walked in the door this afternoon, there, smack-dab in the middle of our teeny tiny living room sat a love seat…not the one we already have either.  He apparently “was the first” to come across it being given away at the end of a garage sale.  Jolly.  I think he did it just because I was expecting something, and he had to live up to that expectation.  Such a good spouse.  Lucky for him, I felt bad for him because of previously mentioned injury AND the neighbors were kind enough to take it off our hands.

Oh, and I had to take the dogs for a romp in the woods, since no one else could do it today.  No prob there, but since they are dogs, they felt it would be a nice welcome home for them to roll around in some nasty.  So a bath had to be thrown in the works.  It’s a good thing they are so damn well-behaved about it all.  They came into the bathroom when I called them and stepped right into the bathtub when I said “get in”…Pretty Darn impressive don’t you think?!

Oh, and I had to scribe for Mr. Broken Arm, make a quick dinner (leftovers of course), balance the checkbook, and clean the computer.  Not too shabby a day’s work…done in about 4 hours.  Of course, I have to go harass Mr. Dog Bite on the Leg to do English crappity crap…

I think it may be time to go sit in bed VERY SOON!  (Isn’t it lovely to be needed?)

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