An exercise favorite…

If you want an arse-kicking workout, check out Jari Love’s (gotta love that name ;))  Get Ripped 1000.  It’s an interval training workout which in and of itself is a great workout.  But she has a certain method for the weight training portions that really make you feel like you are accomplishing something!  The best thing about this video is that the intervals are short.  It’s great for keeping the boredom and feeling of drudgery away.  Before you know it, the whole session is done.  And…even though this is a really tough workout…there are modifications that are actually useful to those of us that are not so fit.

If you don’t think you are ready for the interval training, you might still be interested in her other DVDs.  I really like her straightforward approach.  And she speaks to you in a good tone of voice.  That’s important in my book…remember all those 80’s exercise gurus?  Yikes…screechy, cheerleading voices…blech…so over that.

I didn’t get paid for this review.  But again…wouldn’t mind a bit if you wanted to purchase through my store ;):

Get Ripped 1000:


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2 Responses to An exercise favorite…

  1. Laura says:

    We started using the Wii Fit and love to exercise to it. Fun games and yoga we all do together!

    • admin says:

      Congrats! I’ve tried getting the boys to do yoga a few times. I can’t exactly say they didn’t enjoy it…they WERE, after all, joking around the whole time. Sigh. We got a Wii for Christmas thinking they would at least be more active while they played video games. Ha! Kids will find every trick in the book!

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