Visit to Gram's

A visit to Gram’s today.  Check out this view!  It’s awfully nice of those neighbors to give her such a magnificent view!


My DH must get macho vibes from my cousin who lives here.  Must ride four-wheeler.  Must bring BB gun to shoot at barrel target.  Must bring throwing knives.  Lots of macho fun!


Puppy no wanna leave all ‘dat lovin’ and spoilin’ and treats!  (We were in the vehicle ready to go home).  Or is that puppy being restrained?  Hmm… 😉


Puppy so tired!  Must lean on dat grandpa for support.

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2 Responses to Visit to Gram's

  1. Laura says:

    OH that is cute! I’m here, you told me to comment and I was right here! I do what I am told!

    What kind of dog is that?

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