Simple solution

Why does it take so long to realize what the simple solution is to some problems? You’d think… since the solution is simple, that the realization of it would be simple too.  How often do you go for years trying to fix some little annoyance in your life, and then one day, there it is, so simple that it makes you feel absolutely foolish!

Here’s my lastest “DUH” moment.  I can never seem to remember to leave my sunglasses in the car.  Then, when I leave the house, I never remember to take the sunglasses back out with me.  So, for a while, I would leave them on the little shelf by the door, believing that seeing them would trigger the action of picking them up and taking them out with me (Ha!  Don’t fall for this scheme. It’s a hoax).  Anyway, during the time that I was testing that scheme out, my dogs decided they wanted to sample something new…they were tired of my shoes.  So you can see where this is going, right?  So, that’s when I finally realized the simple solution.  Don’t ask me HOW it came to me.  It’s just one of those things.  (Years and years of thinking about it, most likely).  Here’s the solution:

 Functional, not fancy.

You may think that I have some kind of “thing” for sunglasses.  Maybe, maybe not.  Mostly I have so many because some guy was selling all his wife’s sunglasses…$2 for the whole batch.  (Don’t ask me why he was selling his wife’s sunglasses, k? I didn’t ask…might be a little personal).

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